Purchasing original art is one of the high points in life!  

        Living with original art is delightfully healing! 

 From this platform, collectors trust their hearts and heads
 to surround themselves with creations which feed them 
 emotionally, spiritually, and in untold ways.

 Making a decision as to what to purchase need not be daunting--
 It is a matter of acknowledging your reaction to a piece and knowing it will serve you.



Each canvas is securely wired with professional hardware, ready to hang.  
Your art shipment includes a Certificate of Title & Authenticity for your estate, and a packet of Fine Art Proper Care implements.

Thank you for bringing my art into your life!

Contact me for any discussions about a particular piece, and about your general sways and interest in art...it will be a pleasure!

Cherilyn SunRidge  |  503.407.3771  |  cherilyn@cherilynsunridge.com

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