Sacred Hoops.
Medicine Wheels,
The profound circle in which we Walk Each Day.
Seek your Connection.


(scattered throughout the portfolios)

Masks are created as transporters to a realm not exactly here,
Masks are crafted in Meditative states
for informed healing.
Don a mask to quest.


Figurative could be a form of what is carbon-based organic.
Figurative depictions are referring to what is animated.
For me the human form with its energy system
and the winged and four-legged forms are
equally figurative in interpretation.


A square inch can be expanded.
A vista can be contracted.
That which I see close can be flung afar.
The distant horizon can be brought into a cross-eyed review.
velocity of the sightings,
scuttling light,
dragging shadows.
Participation is inevitable.

"You appear as the world's expert in your artistic direction."  Renee Phillips, Director, Manhattan Arts International

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