Portal To A Fertile Mind

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Acrylic, Cotton Canvas

Gallery-wrap 1.5" Painted Black

"A distraction from habit is a nice beginning.
Tiny side-steps open the fresh feeling.
Sensation grows, and the eye's vision defers to the wisdom vision, such as
that acknowledged within neural pathways.

I have found little or not so little portals in my personal landscapes, vertical, horizontal, diagonal.  Attending to their beckoning, I may sit, stand, or walk right in.  Always, there is information.

Also apparent are the emotional portals in zillions of enclaves within our bodies.  Again, I may sit, stand, or dance right in.  Always, there is information.

For you the viewer of this piece, let your eyes soften and then clearly focus, and discover where the image lives in you or where it takes your mind.  Always, there is information specifically for you!  I wish you a delicious journey!"