Ode For Your Earth Walk

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20" x 30"

Gallery-wrap 1.5" Painted Brown-Grey

Acrylic, Cotton Canvas

“You can be as solid as you want, and as you think, you are.
Yet, you can be, and are, elevated/lifted/transported up,
and can be, and are, surrounded from below and above.

Be sustained by all around,
and All around is the spiritual lift
of earth-energies pulled by cosmic-energies.
As tree roots speak with each other, 
the shadows of our ancestors’ tombs do as well.
Your monument to your ‘doings’ is touched by Sun,
just as all things are.
Your living and not-living impressions rise high and run deep.
Yes, the sheer weight of being left behind,
leaves you with courage, fierce courage
to go on.
NOT because the body dictates,
because the SOUL desires.”