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"Nothing Is As It Was" reminds us that life is not an emergency, that each moment is a broad reach of time for you to live with awareness, and that you indeed can live your sweetest life! Using earthy rich imagery painted by Artist Cherilyn SunRidge, you are guided through the sequential chapters--beginning with celebrating our Plant Kingdom on Earth.  Read through sweet and simple prompts to feel your way through your day of awareness--of yourself and your surroundings.


Who I Am For You

I paint nature spirit art, capturing the essence of a landscape or a figurative spirit-of-place, in my soft-edged rich earthy wholesome genre. Living at 8200 feet in the San Juan Mountains during the writing of "Nothing Is As It Was," was a time for a flood gate to open to self-awareness and the beauty and wonder which is within us and outside of us.  I was finding inner peace.

Whether in the mountains, a city park, a modest garden, or seaside, we each perceive our own interpretations of "awe." I paint and write, and realized that my decades of exploration on the earth/in the field, along with inner self-inquiry, had been documented for years in sketch journals with work and image.

The thread of continuity of the way I interpret visual input, coupled with how my mind and heart verbally explained my experiences to myself, provided enormous and exciting material to share with you.

If I can become aware and pay attention, if I can lay down what does not serve me in a positive growing way, if I can simply be with joy and beauty, then you can as well!  I offer you "Nothing Is As It Was" as a simple guide for your sweet journey!

"Place Yourself" from NOTHING IS AS IT WAS

How The Chapters Flow

You can teach yourself to not run away from yourself!

The first chapter grounds us on the earth with Florae, next offers Empowerment Affirmations, then moves into noticing just who you are and claiming your personal healing with Depth Contemplation, and brings us to personal permission for a bright-eyed journey with Cosmic Serpent. Helping to find inner peace, sweet proclamations of permission and sustenance wrap up your 33-life-affirming short poems in "Nothing Is As It Was."

"Balance" from NOTHING IS AS IT WAS

They Are Excited!

"This book speaks of the joy of living and the joy of creating. A book of power and love. What more can we want. Thank you!"

"SunRidge's spirit pushes me to stop and look for the songbird, read mythic tales in the cloudy sky...Read her up, pour her words and images into your soul. Her thoughts and images are a mystic marinate..."

"Cherilyn's writings capture the essence of a life deeply experienced and consciously lived."

"Wow! You are such an inspiration! When I opened your book, everything else faded away. I've read every word and feel refreshed and invigorated--thank you!"

"The artwork and writings of Cherilyn are captivating to the heart, mind, body, and spirit as she teaches us motivation of our spiritual being through these works..."

"Loved, loved, loved your book. I found immediate connection and assistance...Thanks so much for your wisdom, warmth and beauty. Your light shines softly yet radiantly."

"What a marvelous blend of rich natural color, organic wisdom, nourishing inspiration, and comfort to the soul as well as the eyes! Your beautiful book is a treasure."


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Reproduction or capture of imagery, text, or content is not permitted by any entity other than Cherilyn SunRidge.
Copyright stays with the artist Cherilyn SunRidge with all sold, rented, consigned, and commissioned artwork.

"The purpose of copyright is to encourage writers and artists to produce the creative works that enrich our culture."

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