SunRidge with "Kestrel Dancer" 

The Creative Healer       

By Chelsea Koressel

While art can beautify and enrich the life of its viewer, it also has the ability to heal and calls to the specific spiritual need of an individual. Abstract acrylic painter Cherilyn SunRidge employs circular forms throughout her art to represent a healing nature. Her earthy, dreamlike explorations of spiritual/nature-based forms have a narrative sense as well as a touch of mythology.

SunRidge has the need and desire to mend the split of the soul from Source and to translate a feeling of celebration and adventure.

Born in Denver, Colorado, SunRidge was surrounded by inspiring landscape and a need to challenge her early artistic desires. Even after moving away with her family to Nebraska, her summers continued to be spent in a cabin among the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The cabin, filled with artifacts from her Comanche grandfather, helped her recognize her innate artistic ability and connected her deeply with the natural environment.

“I continue to have a neurological and emotional reference library from living in the cabin,” recalls SunRidge.  “I was afforded an enormous sense of play and exploration, cultivated with deep ease, and an interesting sense of purpose to discover the natural world.”

      "PreDawn Regeneration"

After living for a time on the Great Plains of Nebraska, SunRidge moved to Wisconsin with her family, where she also enjoyed discovering what the lush Wisconsin landscape had to offer.  Her naturally curious personality drew her towards a career in both geology and art.

Upon completing her primary education, SunRidge pursued a degree in Interior Design at Stephens College in Columbia, MO. She then moved to Berkeley, CA to continue her education at the University of California, Berkeley, but altered course to study Geology. SunRidge also continued taking art classes whenever and wherever possible. She studied and engaged in many different artistic endeavors: painting, figure drawing, interior design, sculpture, watercolor, etc. She also found herself involved with university extension programs and local art centers.
Even while taking on a geological field assistant position in southern California, with fieldwork as far north as Nome, Alaska, SunRidge continued developing artistic skill and technique. “Being a field assistant let me see into the fjord waters, kayak near icebergs, and hike rain forests,” describes SunRidge. “Fifteen summers of field work produced documented and illustrated journals made in Alaska and during dozens of journeys to the Hawaiian Islands. From my work in California, the desert air produced large watercolors, illustrating a sense of creative expansion specific to territory.”

               “Cottonwood Cliff"

Watercolor was her primary medium in her early years when she painted weekly with a group of women at a local creative arts group center. The class was facilitated by renowned National Watercolor Society award winner, Magda Peregrin, who showed SunRidge how to better express herself on paper, how to destroy the surface of the paper for outstanding effects, and weave her story through the chosen medium.

                  ”First Innocence"

“I was a watercolorist for decades,” SunRidge explains, “and my arm was free-as-a-bird. I stood to paint, never taking a chair. My work deepened in its palette, and I layered paint directly from the tubes, along with tissue paper for building. My sense of expressive abstraction came into my work at an early age.”
SunRidge found herself deeply attracted to spiritual, natural healing arts and began to explore her creative energies through many different practices. Once her geological studies and fieldwork was completed, she began a ten year immersion into practices with Hatha Yoga instruction, traditional Thai massage, and also studied core/non-culturally specific Shamanism and advanced Shamanic healing through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. This love of natural healing contributes to the spiritual nature of her paintings and allows her to more deeply connect with her art.

        "Birth of Turtle Island"

She discovered that she was deeply in tune with spiritual, natural energies even as a child. This deep connection to nature and a spiritual awakening of sorts allowed her to make the leap into becoming immersed in painting. She explains,
“The ‘why’ of my subject-matter is because it is in my bones. I am at ease giving imagery to words, concepts, ideas, philosophy, and imprints from real tangible places on earth. I care not to be literal or representational; offering flattened realism. I had a ‘crawling’ practice when I lived in Colorado, and this close awareness of Earth continues to inform my imagery.
She soon formed a concept from her healing practices that deals with circular form and what she calls, “spiritual hoops.”  She uses these forms in her current work and explores a narrative of spiraling, growing, and healing themes.  Canvases are underpinned/underpainted with an honor to the four sacred directions--no matter what the subject matter evolves to be. She likes endeavoring into the spheres she displays and likes to think that her work is a metaphoric translation of the natural senses.


After three decades in California, SunRidge found herself returning to her homeland of Colorado in 2005, where she spent many years gathering up her creative energy and continued to paint. Instead of working in watercolor, SunRidge chose a different direction at the prompting of a Taos, New Mexico collector. She began combining her circular forms with acrylic paints.
“Acrylic is different and fun, and many watercolor techniques can be applied with this plastic/water pigment,” describes SunRidge. “With acrylics, I was making floor canvases, table runners, and place mats, and pressing the floor canvases under weights brought the art product to a finish; they were vibrant and resilient, and utilitarian.”
The combination of meditation, fresh Colorado air, and plenty of time to paint led SunRidge to a body of work that incorporated poetry with each piece. Her book of images and poetry, Nothing Is As It Was - Every Day is Remarkable and Remakeable, became a National INDIE Excellence award winning book in 2012 for self-help and motivation.

"Wisdom Runs Through Innocence"

SunRidge’s work has attained national recognition. This year she was a Featured Artist in Renee Phillips’ Manhattan Arts International program; also an honor by Carolyn Edlund gave SunRidge recognition in her Artsy Shark Studio Tours article. She received first place for a piece accepted into The Mary Show, Fort Collins, CO, December 2010. She has also exhibited in abundance, with her most recent shows at VAMArts International in their Exhibition of American Contemporary Painting, Fall ‘14-Winter ’15; Three Rivers Gallery & Gifts, Oregon City, Oregon ; Open Studios of Beavercreek, Oregon, Spring and Fall since relocating to Oregon; and is preparing to participate as one of 11 artists from WA/OR in The Rain Show/La Lluvia Exhibition in the Columbia River Gorge. She has also exhibited in California, Colorado, New Mexico and is ever expanding her artistic reach.

“Stitch Your Soul To A Sacred Hoop”

While SunRidge continues to practice in the healing arts with a focus on yoga and sacred dance, art is her primary outlet for spiritual and healing expression.
Her work portrays her journey and offers the viewer a second chance, another way to connect. The earth tones and spherical designs within each piece allow for contemplation and clarity. “My work must come from a deep prompt to state a visual mantra which sustains, beckons, advises, heals,” explains SunRidge. “This makes my time significant, and anyone’s time in contemplation. Living with one of my canvases is also significant and even pertinent to an individual’s life journey and quest.”


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